About Us

About Us

HAMYAR PAK Cleaning Services company was founded in Isfahan, Iran, in the downtown area in April 2010, as one of the newest whole building cleaning services as a commercial and residential cleaning services company in the city which have used modern technology and cleaning strategies. The commitment and reputation for the best services have attracted more and more customers, especially factories, clinics, and hospitals. Our cleaning authority is widely recognized in Isfahan for our commitment to serving our customers while using the best cleaning materials, based on considering environmental issues. We have a history of excellence and loyalty to our customers through providing professional and high-quality cleaning services in Isfahan Province.

The variety of services attract lots of customers not only different types of organizations but also ordinary people with daily needs. A wide range of services, including cleaning all types of floor coverings and wall coverings, washing all types of furniture and carpets, schools cleaning, and adding services day by day depending on customer needs. During the Corona pandemic, we provided all kinds of related and required services, including disinfection of surfaces, disinfection of large centers to prevent disease transmission, disinfection of rooms or places suspected of contamination, domestic properties and so on. And nowadays that our lives came back to normal we provide other services with the usage of technology such as vacuum cleaner robots. In addition, by including different new departments to our company, Hamyar Pak has been able to gain the satisfaction of its customers in providing services.

Mr. Reza Khalaji founder and CEO of HAMYAR PAK Cleaning Services Company holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Islamic Azad University of Khorasgan in Esfahan, Iran, obtained several course completions certificates in cleaning business management, proven skills in Health, Safety, and Environment Management System (HSE-MS). In 2021, he studied for the Cleaning Business Owner Certificate (online) in the International Association of Professions Career College in Canada and took the certificate. He is considering new online courses to take on well-known and verified websites such as Udemy. The valuable content that was taught in the International Association of Professions Career College in Canada course was reflected in the company’s vision and the developing ways of the business especially in Canada.

Starting a business and leading it needs to be above average in intelligence, courage, initiative, and creativity, also having a strong enough ego to lead the team toward its goals. No one has all these qualities from the moment of birth, and only with effort and perseverance can he strengthen these qualities in himself so that he can be a good leader for his team. Mr. Khalaji started his job in this business in 2003 as a clerk in another cleaning services company and soon discovered his interest and abilities in this business, so after studying and working hard finally in 2010 started his own business with a small amount of capital and the help of his coworkers who are still with him in managerial positions.

When it comes to cleaning services, there are a lot of companies, which have been working in this area, but what makes us different are our customers’ trust, our team’s competence, and using the newest and effective cleaning strategies based on our customers’ needs and global cleaning knowledge in wide areas such as factories, warehouses, distribution Centers.

  • COVID-19 services:

The best household disinfectant during COVID-19 was regular household cleaning and using disinfection products, in special situations with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, products based on ethanol used to disinfect veridical surfaces. Although the risk of infection from touching a surface was low, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can also reduce this risk. Our customers wanted to either clean more frequently or choose to disinfect in addition to cleaning in shared spaces, as some of them are a high-traffic area, with a large number of people, with poorly ventilated, or do not provide access to handwashing or hand sanitizer, and even were occupied by people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-

  • Our facilities and equipment:

We try to use modern technology and high-quality cleaning products in our cleaning facilities department, such as high-pressure water jet cleaners, industrial floor scrubbers, industrial cleaning polishes, etc. We have specific cleaning methods for each commercial and residential location to clean and remove dirt, grime, grease, paint, rust, and other kinds. Our high-pressure water jet cleaners are used to clean streets, pavements, walls, chewing gums, graffiti surfaces, facade renovation, or road markings in different locations like factories. Also, they are used for rust removal, paint stripping, and the descaling of work pieces of various kinds are possible. Other facilities are industrial vacuum cleaners which are used for general cleaning in industrial environments. They remove and clean many kinds of surfaces by sucking and removing dust and small particles, and it is powered by electricity. Heavy-duty industrial steam cleaners are used for cleaning indoor areas, including residential and commercial areas such as office buildings, retail areas, and so on.

We Offer ...

General Cleaning + HVAC Duct Cleaning, Clean and polish all mirrors,

Best-of-class products and equipment


School Cleaning Recurring Services

Clinics and hospitals and Factory Cleaning Recurring Services

Office Cleaning

Gardening Recurring Services

Other Recurring Services

Warranty Of Services

Replacement of cleaning worker in case of customer dissatisfaction without paying any cost

Provide the official invoice of the service company and send the national code of the dispatch personnel to the customer in order to increase security

Professional team inspection to check the area and materials required before concluding a contract for annual services

Professional monitoring team for annual projects and VIP clients

In case of customer dissatisfaction with the quality of services provided in the first hour, the customer can refer the cleaning worker free of charge

Presenting the health card of the cleaning services personnel to the client

The cleaners have all the tools and equipment they need and are not allowed to request any tools from the client

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