About Green Cleaning

  • Our responsibilities to the nature and the global environment:

As a commercial cleaning services company, who cares and advertises being neat; we believe caring about the clean Earth and environment is our priority. So being committed to using products that are harmless and safe for the Earth is the most important step in providing our cleaning materials for each project. Specifically, for those customers’ locations that are working with dangerous stuff and materials such as hospitals and clinics.

Even though green cleaning products are more expensive than chemical combinations and products; before starting any big projects, we have a briefing meeting with the customers to explain the advantages of using green cleaning products and the disadvantages of using chemical combinations and products, especially with the health centers owners and school managers which the importance of using green products in these location. Students and patients are more in danger. We are aware of the health risks of using chemical products for our employees and customers, so not only do we have briefing meetings with each client but also should we hold training classes for our employees, four times a year with some special issues such as healthy working styles or health risks of some cleaning products and we keep them up to date.

  • About Green Products:

Cleaning products besides removing dust, allergens, and germs from our indoor environment and disinfecting different surfaces, can be harmful for nature in long term; such as water pollution, air pollution, and waste. Non-nature friendly products that are not made from recyclable materials, or Volatile organic compounds (VOC) in cleaning products that can affect indoor air quality and add to outdoor smog, or chemicals cleaning products may be washed into streams and rivers, and some persist in the environment and enter the food chain.

As a cleaning service company that is concerned with protecting the environment from the health of our customers and employees to our business’ ecological footprint, green cleaning products have one of the most important roles in reducing pollutants in the environment in this business. We buy Nano biocide disinfectant solution, the family of environmentally friendly detergents with herbal nanoemulsions, biodegradable bags, hospital antibacterial plastic bags, strong non-chemical disinfectant solutions based on nanotechnology, air/surface disinfectant concentrate, and so on.

Our customers especially business owners know how important is their role to keep their employees and workplace safe and protected against diseases. Using a commercial cleaning expert company’s services that they follow regularly updated cleaning protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), whether they are a large retail shop, small office, an industrial factory, a school or a clinic.

We follow the cleaning protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

as it said on the website; such as cleaning visibly dirty surfaces with useful products, using a disinfectant

product that is effective against any dieses.