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Cleaning services are not limited to just cleaning, for us it is a kind of cultural promotion and increasing public health, with the least damage to the nature and the cleaners which in turn are important issues.

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We know that a mistake or negligence in its service delivery or even having the unreasonable cost for an average quality cleaning service for the customer may trigger the clients to file an action for damages.  According to that, we provide necessary different types of equipment and supplies for the various required types of cleaning services.

Our Public Services

Basics Cleaning

sweeping and mopping of floors, disinfection of bathrooms, removal of any visible cobwebs, wiping down the doors and handles in the bathroom

General Cleaning

Basics Cleaning + Washing the walls, the ceilings, moping the floors, cleaning the stairs, cleaning the windows, kitchens, Scrubbing down water fountains and water coolers

Floor Cleaning

Beautify the floor by making sure that there are no stairs, direct and dust

Our Special Services

Deep Cleaning Services

General cleaning+ cleaning fridge, freezer, and pantry+ shine faucets, mirrors, doorknobs, and windows

Opening Cleaning

General Cleaning based on the business you have and your place + you will receive a special service from the company as a congrats opening gift

Garage Cleaning

Cleaning and organizing your garage

We Offer ...

General Cleaning + HVAC Duct Cleaning, Clean and polish all mirrors,

Best-of-class products and equipment


School Cleaning Recurring Services

Clinics and hospitals and Factory Cleaning Recurring Services

Office Cleaning

Gardening Recurring Services

Other Recurring Services

Warranty Of Services

Replacement of cleaning worker in case of customer dissatisfaction without paying any cost

Provide the official invoice of the service company and send the national code of the dispatch personnel to the customer in order to increase security

Professional team inspection to check the area and materials required before concluding a contract for annual services

Professional monitoring team for annual projects and VIP clients

In case of customer dissatisfaction with the quality of services provided in the first hour, the customer can refer the cleaning worker free of charge

Presenting the health card of the cleaning services personnel to the client

The cleaners have all the tools and equipment they need and are not allowed to request any tools from the client

About Trusted cleaning

We Are Leading International Company In The World

HAMYAR PAK Cleaning Services company was founded in Isfahan, Iran, in the downtown area in April 2010, as one of the newest whole building cleaning services as a commercial and residential cleaning services company in the city which have used modern technology and cleaning strategies. The commitment and reputation for the best services have attracted more and more customers, especially factories, clinics, and hospitals. Our cleaning authority is widely recognized in Isfahan for our commitment to serving our customers while using the best cleaning materials, based on considering environmental issues. We have a history of excellence and loyalty to our customers through providing professional and high-quality cleaning services in Isfahan Province.

About Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Cleaning services are not limited to just cleaning, for us it is a kind of cultural promotion and increasing public health, with the least damage to the nature and the cleaners which in turn are important issues.

To do that, having risk management and strategy is our priority because running a commercial and residential cleaning company poses some risks that may affect the company’s overall operations. Cleaners extensively use cleaning, rinsing, and other hazardous chemicals, making them susceptible to irritation and other problems so increasing our employees’ knowledge about where they will be working and the right instructions of the materials and facilities can protect them against irreparable consequences.

Vision Statement

The cleaning industry is in growth, and as you might know, one of the recent trends in this industry is green cleaning which means increasingly using greener(eco-friendly) cleaning products in order to make our environments healthier.

Another trend is to hire one cleaner to do multiple cleaning tasks. This includes not only general cleaning, but also carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and stripping and waxing floors. Some of our cleaners can do multiple cleaning tasks, but sometimes when we hire them, they need to be trained more, so we train them as much as possible.

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