About Mission

Cleaning services are not limited to just cleaning, for us it is a kind of cultural promotion and increasing public health, with the least damage to the nature and the cleaners which in turn are important issues.

To do that, having risk management and strategy is our priority because running a commercial and residential cleaning company poses some risks that may affect the company’s overall operations. Cleaners extensively use cleaning, rinsing, and other hazardous chemicals, making them susceptible to irritation and other problems so increasing our employees’ knowledge about where they will be working and the right instructions of the materials and facilities can protect them against irreparable consequences.

Commercial and residential customers may change their specifications such as the frequency, depth, time, and extent of cleaning services. So, to optimize our services, we consider the following; preventing damage to the nature and our employees, having skilled staff with sufficient knowledge and skills to do the job, and observing all safety tips with the least financial and human damage. The Company is committed to identifying risks and their potential consequences and developing and implementing a risk management strategy.

We know that a mistake or negligence in its service delivery or even having the unreasonable cost for an average quality cleaning service for the customer may trigger the clients to file an action for damages.  According to that, we provide necessary different types of equipment and supplies for the various required types of cleaning services.

There are some goals and objectives that we have some efforts we do to reach them; having a specified ordering cleaning services android and IOS application which provides a great situation to expand our services because an application on customers’ cell phone is easier for them to use. Employee and customer satisfaction surveying system which our marketing team is working on it to plan an online system for this target. Online payment in the website and application is also in our near future plan. It is worth to say that we are working on our website to be more user-friendly especially for elders who wants to fill out forms and it is difficult for them to order a service online with a 24/7 online customer support.

Generally, our first goal in this business is to provide a safe, healthy, and clean environment for our residential and commercial customers to live better and work more productive through various types of cleaning services based on up-to-date standards and modern scientific ways. In order to achieve that we hire skilled personnel and educate them, use modern technology, and price our

In the end, it is necessary to mention that as we live and work in a country with a large population of Muslims and some of the most important rules in Islam are about cleanliness, so it is our duty to do our job based on these rules. And it is worth mentioning that one of the special cleaning services we have is our Spring-Cleaning Service and it is directly related to our ancient Iranian tradition to clean our houses before Nowruz and starting spring as a branding new year tidy and neat.