About Vision

The cleaning industry is in growth, and as you might know, one of the recent trends in this industry is green cleaning which means increasingly using greener(eco-friendly) cleaning products in order to make our environments healthier.

Another trend is to hire one cleaner to do multiple cleaning tasks. This includes not only general cleaning, but also carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and stripping and waxing floors. Some of our cleaners can do multiple cleaning tasks, but sometimes when we hire them, they need to be trained more, so we train them as much as possible.

In training courses, we teach our cleaners the standard instructions for a regular cleaning service and cleaning materials for all surfaces based on eco-friendly products and avoiding harmful methods for the cleaners. When a cleaner is professional in one area, we encourage and teach him to be improved in other areas so he can do multiple cleaning tasks. One of the subjects of their courses is about waste and trash; how to separate them, what is recyclable and what is not, how to collect polluted trash and how to pack infection trash in hospitals and clinics, what diseases threaten them if they do not comply with the necessary standards and health issues, and what to do if they noticed any symptoms related to these diseases, and so on.

Cleaning businesses come in many different variations. Our services right now are limited to residential and commercial cleaning services. A residential cleaning service provides cleaning for our customers includes their houses and apartments, but we want to expand it to include where people live or spend their non-working time, such as villas.

A commercial cleaning service is more complicated than a residential service, but it has some challenges such as professional equipment and experienced cleaners, with expanding our company and opening branches in other cities and countries we can work with different businesses.

In Iran, not every cleaning company can do crime scene cleaning services, but one of our future targets is working in this area; although, this type of business requires some special training and specialized equipment. Maybe it would not be possible in Iran based on some limits in some areas such as crime scene cleaning services, but it is our target to work on this area in other countries like Canada.

Besides cleaning services, we are planning to help improve quality of life and it is only possible when there is a research team in the company. A team who works on two areas, one is about products, materials, and equipment the company use to be eco-friendly; and the other area is effects of cleanliness of people’s environment on their quality of life to use this information on our advertisement and also be a different cleaning company that cares about deep consequences of our services.

As we work and live in a country, we a large population of Muslims and special Islamic cleaning rules are in our introduction, in way of extending our service in other countries, we can use some of the high cleaning standards of Islam in a combination of eco-friendly cleaning ways, especially in crime scene cleaning services.